American barbecue styles are as diverse as the country itself, with each state claiming their own style of seasoning, sauce and technique. The Salt Lick offers a range of smoked barbecue styles from Texas beef brisket to Kansas City baby back ribs and Carolina pulled pork.

Our process begins by selecting quality cuts of meat. Before going into the smoker they are trimmed and rubbed with a blend of spices. The meat is smoked using fruit wood for up to 14 hours.

The smoking process gives the meat a distinct smokey flavor and imparts a tasty crust on the outside of the piece of meat called “bark”. These are the spices, herbs and sugars of the rub that combine with the rendering fat and smoke from the wood. Just inside the bark, you’ll see a layer of pink meat, the “smoke ring”, which is the signature of authentic smoked barbecue.

The final touch to our dishes is our barbecue sauces, all of which are homemade with traditional ingredients, giving you true American flavors right here in Taiwan. We hope you enjoy!